In the Infinity Ring official website, there is also a message board, or forum as it is officially referred to now. It was launched February 5, 2013 with the release of the third book The Trap Door and the third episode, Way of the Warrior.

History Edit

Originally, the MB was a place for everyone interested in the series. The MBers immediatly split into two main sides: SQ (led by Racoonwave4) and the Hystorians (originally led by AdventureBeliever5; after which the leadership repeatedly changed hands).

Eventually, the SQ on the forums continued to grow while the Hystorians' numbers only shrunk. Finally, the two groups decided to merge to create one, peaceful, unified Infinity Ring message board.

Important members throughout the history include:

AdventureBeliever5 (Ariel, Vanessa, Jonathan)


EpicPegasus39 (Hazel)