Episode 1: The King of Diamonds


Featured Characters:Louis XVI
Book:A Mutiny in Time
Preceded By:N/A
Followed By:Episode 2: Revenge of the Redcoats

Episode 1: King of Diamonds is the first episode. It is partnered with A Mutiny in Time.


It's the autumn of 1792, and the French Revolution has made the city of Paris a dark and dangerous place.

Amidst the chaos, the SQ has set its sights on the Crown Jewels. With the famous French Blue diamond in its possession, the evil SQ would have the power to crush the Revolution. And the only way to stop them is to steal the diamond before they can.

It's a high stakes historical heist in which you play as Dak, Sera, and Riq! Use all the tips, hints, and clues on your Hystorian's Guide to navigate the streets of Paris and fix the Break.