Curse of the Ancients
Curse of the Ancients
Author:Matt De La Peña
PublisherScholastic Inc.
Publication Date:June 04, 2013
Preceded By:The Trap Door
Followed By:Cave of Wonders

Curse of the Ancients is the fourth book of the Infinity Ring series. It was written by Matt de la Peña and was released June 4th, 2013.

Book Summary Edit

Sera has a secret. She's seen the future, and is it terrifying. Unfortunately, she can't do anything to prevent the Cataclysm while stranded with Dak and Riq thousands of years in the past. Their only hope lies with the Ancient Maya, a mysterious people who claim to know a great deal about the future. Is there more to these ancients than what meets the eye?


First Time PeriodEdit

A snake charmer and a clown
A treasure that never was
A gift from the deity Itzamna: from to
Trace the symbol of the ceiba tree toward the truth of the curse

Second Time PeriodEdit

To save the reproduction of the treasure's truth, do the following
Seek the help of those who follow "the most important thing in the world"
The dig deep, deeper, deepest, unlocking a long-locked door
It will take a polyglot to understand the wisdom of the glyphs.


  • Kisa is the first Hystorian. She later changed her name to Akna.
  • On Febuary 5, 2013 (same as the release of Trap Door) the supposed excerpt of the book on the website accidentally showed the whole book.
  • They traveled in 2 different time periods but still in the same place.
  • Sera saw 5 people dead in the flooded barn when she saw the future.
  • Sera is connected to one of the Mayans.
  • This is the first time period where the Hystorians and SQ don't exist.
  • It is proven that Sera lied during the events of "The Trap Door" that the ring warped 5 seconds into the future, but it actually took her to see the present day, together with Ilsa (the SQ agent in "The Trap Door").